Hi, I'm Keri :) Southern born and raised. I'm in college, living and learning as I go. My heart belongs to Christ; He is my one constant in this world. I'm caught in between who I am and who I could be. I'm trying to figure out what it is I want out of life and find the courage to seek it. Life can be difficult sometimes. I'm here if you need a friend.
• Colossians 3 • Romans 8 •

~ Lover of: God. Soccer. Photography. Traveling. Coffee. Words. Mountains. Sweet tea. Reading. Drawing. Writing. Missions. Music. Camping. Animals. Decorating. Hiking. Water.~

"1) do your laundry.
2) drink chamomile tea. with honey. no, don’t think about the calories,
3) get your baby photos out. and your kindergarden drawings. first grade notebooks. remember who you wanted to be back then. what’s changed?
4) watch your favorite show from when you were 11. no earphones. volume up.
5) spice girls. dance-it-out.
6) take your camera and go for a walk. take photos of people you’ll never see again. try to capture moments, smiles, real ones. how many have you got?
7) watch kids ice skate.
8) join them.
9) tell someone you miss them. mean it.
10) get your laundry out of the dryer. put your pjs on while they’re still warm.
11) hug your hot water bottle.
12) watch: before sunset.
13) you will be ok. you will get through today."
- m.v.thirteen ways to make a bad day better. (via farfromhomee)

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"I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore."
- Kurt Vonnegut   (via sleepyreverie)

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"You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly."
- Unknown (via hplyrikz)

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